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5 Diet Errors To Avoid

by Shalini Singh

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You cannot out train or outlive a bad diet. The food you put into your mouth will always be the determining factor between progress and failure. What constitutes “good nutrition” is down to interpretation which can add complexities to the matter given that there are millions of people around the world trying to lead a healthier life. In no uncertain terms, I’m going to explicitly explain the five most common rookie errors that I see destroy the progress of so many people.

Not Being Honest 

Dishonesty is the main culprit for failure with diet. People will convince themselves that they’re not “eating that much” yet the scales tell a very different story. The mirror doesn’t lie if you’re not getting into shape you’re eating too much of the foods you shouldn’t be eating. Stubborn fat is only resilient when you allow it to be by overindulging and being lazy.

Lots of programs proclaim that one special  or pill will do the magic but no it doesn’t! Be completely honest with yourself, keep a food diary for 7 days and don’t miss anything including drinks or “small” snacks! If you’re honest, it will probably shock you.


After dishonesty comes inconsistency. This is why so many people are stuck in a rut because they cannot conjure up the mental tenacity to be consistent. Even the most perfect diet won’t work for you if you’re on and off it every other day. The body takes time to change, and because of that, you need patience. If you do not allow sufficient time for a diet to work, then your efforts will be completely wasted.

Fad Hopping 

Like never before there are hundreds of diet protocols available on the Internet and people are pretty fickle. They will start one for a week and then hear about something else, before hopping to the next craze. The problem with this relays back to the issue I raised with my last point, this just feeds the inconsistent tendencies within you.

There is no fad which will serve you better than a properly structured diet applied for 12 weeks without falter for starters . That I can personally guarantee you so, don’t fall for the BS!

No Emphasis On Health 

Anybody worth his or her salt in the nutrition field will confirm that focusing on health first should always matter. An unhealthy body will naturally resist physical evolution because it is starved of the nourishment it needs to become stronger, remove damaging toxins and allow stored energy (fat) to vanish.

Even when your numbers are accurate, it is important the nutrients you eat are also nutritious. It’s this detail which makes a diet really work in the long run because it is supportive of good health. While training with the sheer intensity I prescribe, your body is going to come under stress which is fine, provided it is fed correctly.

Repetitive Dieting 

Did you know about 75% of your immune system is housed within the gut? This means that if you’ve got a healthy gut it is far more likely you’re healthy as well. By eating the same food for weeks on end will likely allow your gut to become slightly inflamed and overly sensitive. There can be more acidity, inflammation and bad bacteria present which means digesting food and benefiting from it becomes difficult.

Vary food choices, don’t be lazy and introduce new food sources on a weekly basis.


Rookie errors are fine provided you learn from them once you realize you’re in the wrong. My mission is to arm you with the necessary knowledge to identify the mistakes you’re making and then address them. Everything we do with the AADISWASTHYA platform is here to make you progress faster than anywhere else. Take heed and keep showing up !

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