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How to increase intensity of workouts

by Shalini Singh


The word “intensity” gets strapped to a lot of statements in the training world like a badge of honor. The issue is that a lot of people haven’t earned the stripes necessary to wear that badge. They talk a really strong game, but when it comes to the action, their bark suddenly diminishes. The energy you bring to the gym, or whatever training discipline you have, will determine your intensity, that’s both physical and emotional. Once and for all you’re going to find out what intensity means today because we’re going to define it together.

The Physical Part

Intensity is easier to measure physically speaking. Acute intensity is what you need to experience physical evolution which happens near the point of complete failure. As your set reaches its climax where your fibers are screaming for mercy, that’s the very time to keep moving until you can’t give an inch more! Every set needs to look like this.

There is also another part to this; intensity is relevant to the stresses you’ve personally gone through. Your priority must always be to become “more” in the gym which means going further each time. Keep throwing more intensity at your body, so it never becomes conditioned to your workouts and has an excuse to grow. 

There are several pathways that the ingredients target to help you perform better and fight fatigue. 

The Mental Part 

Intensity breeds from the thoughts you keep in your mind. For this to happen, you must be mentally prepared for pain. Going to the gym feeling drained and weak is a quick route to the wrong kind of failure. 

  • Pick the music you listen to on the way to the gym carefully — you need to experience euphoria 
  • Take your pre-workoutq  , mentally it will help you become more “zoned in” 
  • Mentally picture yourself in a bad situation, the only way out is to crush every rep in your workout 
  • Stay focused, and allow no distractions to dampen your intensity once your workout begins ​
  • Keep reminding yourself of the future success you crave so desperately, and don’t give in for short-term pain relief.


Words mean nothing without action, as I always say knowledge without mileage is bulls***! It is down to you to physically demand more of yourself, and mentally tap into that zone where you’re able to give more.  Let your actions do the talking rather than shout on social media about how intense your workout is “going to be.” Do it rather than talk it, then show the world! 

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