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You Are What You Eat

by Shalini Singh

Have you ever wondered how the food that you take in make you the person that you are? It was time and again proved that what we eat and the way we eat tells a lot about ourselves.

If you are someone who consumes a lot of fruits, salads and vegetables compared meat and soft drinks, you probably are highly open to new experiences. If your diet content is low in meat temperamentally you are a highly agreeable type.

If you have a habit of eating highly energy dense, sweet and savoury food and meat products, chances are that you develop emotional eating and if unrestrained could develop neurotic tendencies. However these people tend to be highly sociable and extrovert in nature and which in turn can help them regulate their eating habits in the long run.

If you are some one with regulation in food following a dietary discipline,it is highly likely that you are very conscientious individual and tend to have a healthier life.

The way we eat also reveal a lot about ourselves: For example slow eaters always make themselves a priority in their life. They relish their life experiences. Whereas fast eaters lack a balance when it comes to their own priorities. Though they might excel in completing their projects and shows a lot of energy they tend to put other things ahead of themselves.

If you are someone who mix your food well and consume, then chances are that you have troble in concentrating on a particular task though you take responsibilities without setting priorities.

If you are someone who enjoys trying out new recipes and restaurants, yo are indeed a highly creative soul who is mostly likely to come up with a lot of new ideas in life.

So next time before you sit down to eat take a breath a pay attention to what you eat and how you eat!

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