Terms and Conditions

You start off with a hour long first appointment subsequently followed by 30 minutes of every 12-15 days interaction for 3 months. Time adherence is mandatory

Sessions to be completed within specified period . In exceptional cases ,solely at our discretion plan validity extention will be permitted within 30 days of expiry date of the program

Appointments are blocked on calendar for the entire duration of your program after your approval.

Health check is at the discretion after the first meeting . CBC, Lipid profile, Hba1c, Blood pressure , Liver function , Thyroid , Blood pressure, Vitamin B12 & D3, Creatinine . More comprehensive tests could be necessitated for specific health conditions for more sustained evaluations

Payments are designed to ensure commitment and hence non refundable and non tranferable

Non adherence to the plan discipline may result in termination of the ongoing services to the client with no refund .

The program fees mentioned are subject to revision based on company discretion.

Consultation sessions in all the above-mentioned programs are pre-scheduled between Monday and Friday during business hours excluding public holidays and Sundays .

I agree to the above terms and conditions


Shalini has diversified her study and researches food, bioengineering of foods using technology to generate nutrient dense foods, human anatomy at a cellular level, and the real impact of exercise on muscular ageing.


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© 2023 Shalini Singh. All rights reserved. Designed by Site Invention
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